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The World-Wide Butterfly Breeders Network

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What We're All About

The World Wide Butterfly Breeders Network is a gathering of folk who love butterflies and moths, and raising them, all over the planet!  The Network is not an association, not a club or formal group of any sort.

Orange TipThis website is the gathering point where you can join one or both of our butterfly raising forums, to work with and learn from butterfly raisers all over the world.  Basic, square-one learners are present, beginning butterfly farmers, expert butterfly exhibit staff, and scientists raising all species imaginable! 

We have a wonderful, growing library of free articles on butterfly rearing.  See the schedule of online workshops and download a free butterfly farming booklet below!  Share photos in our online group photo album. 

All are welcome!  Join us, and have fun learning about butterfly raising and make butterfly friends worldwide.  The World-Wide Butterfly Breeders Network is sponsored and provided by Butterfly Boutique.  Nigel Venters is the mentor and guiding light for our group - he's a world renowned butterfly raising expert who has generously shared his wisdom and experience with anyone who loves butterflies and wants to learn about raising them. 

Buy Live Butterflies and Butterfly Raising Items From WWBBs

Heath FritillaryClick on the menu above, to purchase live butterflies worldwide, from a WWBB listing member.  Click on the menu to purchase butterfly farming supplies and equipment from a WWBB listing member. 

Learn to Raise Butterflies For a Living (or For Enjoyment)

Download a free booklet on professional butterfly farming.  Sign up for one or both WWBB forum lists and meet Nigel Venters and butterfly raising experts from all over the world!  Ask questions and get expert answers for raising species, hostplants, nectar plants, butterfly gardening, greenhouses, flight houses, raising the lifecycle….  Buy the Basic Butterfly Raising booklet!  See the schedule of butterfly-raising workshops for 2014.  Enjoy the free library of butterfly farming articles.  Purchase manuals and booklets on butterfly farming, raising the species, commercial butterfly businesses and more!

Forum: Tasty Tidbits

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